• Registration

    Register online through the Rowing Canada Aviron Web Registration System (WRS) and follow these steps:

    • Select British Columbia and Victoria City Rowing Club from the drop-down menu
    • Find the program you want to register for, and click 'join' on the right hand side
    • NEW USERS: create an account by clicking "create account now". Please create the account in the name of the person who is particpating.
    • RETURNING USERS: login to your existing account using your RCA # or username and password.
    • read the waivers and code of conduct and check the boxes, then  click "Accept". If the "Accept" button is not highlighted, please check that you have checked all the required boxes, including the one below the signature. Note that the Code of Conduct and its check box are BELOW the Accept button.
    • NEW VCRC members/participants: please complete the MEDICAL FORM (below) and submit to the VCRC Club Manager (member programs) or Director, Seasonal and Introductory programs (introductory programs).
    • RETURNING VCRC members/participants:  your medical form (with emergency contact information) is kept on file. Please inform the if there are any changes.

    Payment Options

    1. ONLINE - through the RCA WRS.  You can login to your account to pay at any time. Just follow these steps:

    • login to your RCA WRS account
    • go to "My Account"
    • go down to "Roles" and then click the arrow next to "Membership"
    • click on  "Pay/View Invoice" (towards the right side)

    2. CHEQUE  -  payable to VCRC. Please put the athlete's name and program on the cheque and  put cheques in the wooden box next to the VCRC Club Manager's office.

    3. eTRANSFER please send  to: 

    Volunteer Bond

    For the Junior Spring and Junior Summer programs, please submit a Volunteer Bond cheque of $100, payable to VCRC and postdated April 30 (Spring) and July 15 (Summer). The cheque will only be deposited if you do not fulfill the volunteer requirement.


  • Medical Form (Youth + Adult) [PDF] - 38KB

    Please complete and submit this medical form. Introductory programs: please email the completed form to Members (including Juniors): please email to
  • Introductory Programs (Introduction to Rowing and Youth Summer Camp):

    • VCRC will provide a full refund if the request is received before the program starts.
    • VCRC will provide a pro-rated credit to other VCRC programs if the participant withdraws after the program has started. The credit must be used before September 30 of the year in which it is issued.

    Member programs:

    • VCRC will provide a pro-rated refund if a member withdraws part way through the year. The refund will be calculated from the date the written request is received. 
    • A $100 administration fee will be deducted for refunds made for non-medical reasons.

    Please email requests for refunds or credits to: 

    Introductory Programs:    

    Member Programs: 

  • 1. Do I have to register online?

    Yes, registration for all VCRC programs is now done online.

    2. I forgot my username/password.

    Please click on "Forgot username" or "Forgot password" on the RCA WRS Login Page.

    3. When I try to "Accept" the waiver or code of conduct the "Accept" box isn't visible.

    Make sure you scroll down the waiver or code of conduct and check the box at the end, confirming that you have read it.

    4. I tried to pay online, but it wouldn't go through.

    Please check that the postal code is filled in on your RCA WRS account: go to  "My Account" , Contact Information, Address.

    5. I want to go back in to pay online. How do I do this?

    Login to your RCA account, navigate to "My Account", scroll down to "Roles", click the arrow next to "Membership". Then click "Pay/View invoice" (towards the right side of the page).

    6. I have tried to register online, but can't get it to work. Help! 

    Just send an email to the programs coordinator ( or stop by the office and we can help troubleshoot or register for you.

    7. I think I registered, but I didn't get a confirmation at the end. Am I registered?

    You can check by logging onto your user account on the RCA WRS: go to "My Account", navigate to "Roles" and click the arrow beside "Memberships". It will list the program(s) you are registered for. Once VCRC has confirmed payment, we will "activate" your registration, and you will get a confirmation email from RCA. Please note, it may take up to two weeks to activate your registration, depending on the time of year.

    8. Can I get a refund?

    Please refer to the Refund Policy

    9. Can I get a tax receipt?

    Yes.   You can download your receipt from your RCA WRS account. 

    10. How do I find out if there is still room in a program?

    If there is no more room in a program the online registration tool will not let you register. Please contact the programs coordinator ( if you would like to be put on a waiting list.

    11. Does a program get cancelled if there are not enough people signing up?

    VCRC rarely cancels programs because of low registration. In the event that a program does have to be cancelled, we will contact you and offer a credit towards another VCRC program of a full refund.


  • To get a receipt, please:

    -log in to your RCA Web Registration account,

    -navigate to My Account,

    -scroll down to Program Memberships and click the red arrow to expand,

    -click View Invoice