Winter Season 2020

With COVID restrictions still in place but easing up, VCRC will continue with the current training programs through the Winter season. The Winter season will be a preparation season with athletes working on the foundation of the sport and their physiological base. In addition to training, athletes will learn about recovery, nutrition, sleep, time management, goal setting and mental components of the sport. On water, we will continue to train in small boats, slowly introducing quads with approved training groups. There will be an opportunity for intraclub challenges and head races to put training and newly acquired skills to the test and have some fun racing.  

From November to early February, when it is too dark to row in the afternoons, weekday training will be on land with core, mobility, body weight and ergometer workouts. On weekends, juniors will be on the water for 90’ per session. Athletes will also be able to participate in online mobility, core and full body boot camp workouts, provided by FloStateFitness (included with the Junior fee).

As daylight permits in early February, we will move back to onwater sessions on weekdays as well as weekends.

Regattas: Regatta fees are not included in the Junior Winter fees.

There is still uncertainty regarding the regatta season - when regattas will be allowed to resume and what format they will take.  We will review plans for regattas as more information becomes available over the coming months. 

Capacity:  86 athletes

Start date: November 9, 2020

End date: March 14, 2021

Junior Novice Program
3x per week
$656.25 (+ RCA/RBC/fees if not currently registered)

Fun & Fit - Train to Train

3x per week
$603.75  (+ RCA/RBC/fees if not currently registered)

Fun & Fast – Learn to Compete

5x per week

$840.00  (+ RCA/RBC/fees if not currently registered)

Fun & Perform – Train to Compete

6x per week + 2 erg 
M,T,W,F,Sat 2x

$960.75  (+ RCA/RBC/fees if not currently registered)

Capacity: 20

For more info see the junior programs and practice schedule tap below.