Welcome + Program Overview

Welcome to the Victoria City Rowing Club (VCRC) Junior Program.  VCRC offers competitive rowing programs for youth aged 12-18 years old, from novice to high performance levels (Fun & Fast and Fun & Perform), as well as a non-competitive Fun & Fit program.  VCRC programs are aligned with Rowing Canada's Athlete Development Pathway and Canadian Sport for Life.

The goals of the Junior program are:

  • to foster a love of rowing,
  • to encourage all participants to work hard and strive for excellence,
  • to build self-confidence and intrinsic motivation by helping athletes develop skills, fitness and competence, and
  • to foster the development of Juniors as athletes and as citizens.

VCRC has adjusted the dates of seasonal Junior programs to establish a longer Winter preparation season (mid-November to mid-March) and a continuous competition season (April-early August).  

Athletes who want to join for the summer only, such as those coming from year round school programs, may enter the program at the end of June. Athletes who prefer not to row for the summer will have the option of leaving the program at the end of June.
The Victoria City Rowing Club is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-2021 season for juniors at VCRC will look different than any other year. Athletes will row in singles with the potential to get out in set 2xs or training group crews as restrictions ease.

With COVID restrictions in place athletes will be grouped based on development level as well as goals and commitment level.* Groups will row together as schedules permit.

* Please contact the  if are not sure what program to register for.

2020-2021 season:
Juniors register for programs by the season: (please note that the 2020-21 seasons have been changed from previous years.)

Winter Season: November - March

Spring/Summer Season: April - August

Fall (early September-early November): athletes are encourage to row for their schools. VCRC runs a small Fall Development program for high performance Junior athletes, and a program for athletes without a school rowing program. 

Find more program details, including start dates and training schedules under Program Information.


All communication will happen via 'slack' please send all email addresses you would like to link up to our communication tool to vcrcjuniors@gmail.com