Fall Performance Development Program 2020

Check here for details on the Fall Performance Development Program, including overview, dates, schedule and how to apply.

Program Overview
The Fall Performance Development Program is for pre-elite/high performance athletes who would like to develop their technique in small boats and are committed to doing the volume and intensity of training that will prepare them for racing at the Junior National Team trials or getting ready for a transfer to become a Varsity rower in University. The program includes 6 on water and 2 ergometer training sessions per week as well as a weekly check in and a goal setting session. Depending on COVID restrictions sessions may be or become virtual.

This program is designed for athletes in the Training to Compete stage of development. It is important that they have a good foundation of skills and fitness in order to benefit from the program and minimize the risk of injury. The standards have been established to help the coach and athletes identify whether the athlete is ready for and will benefit from the program.

LTAD Stage: Late Learning to Compete- Early Training to Compete 

Start Date: September 8th, 2020                                 End Date: November 1st

Fee: $472.50, and RCA/RBC fee if applicable.

Tentative Practice Schedule (depending on COVID restrictions and school schedules)

Monday, Wednesday, 12:30-3pm pm or 3-5:45pm

Tuesday, Friday 3:15-5:45pm

Saturday noon-2:15pm and 3-5:15pm
Monday, Wednesday 6:30-8pm Ergometer training


With COVID restrictions still in place there will most likely be no sanctioned regatta’s this fall but we will be challenging all junior athletes within the junior program and VCRC to prepare you for bigger events in the future.

To Apply
Please complete the application form and submit to the VCRC Director Junior Rowing (), by 6pm August 23rd. Potential candidates will be invited for an interview before a final selection is made.

·      Time Trail in single or pair (2km)

·      RADAR score – Max Watts, 1min, 2km, 6km

·      Rowing or erg video for technical analysis

·      250 word essay outlining your goals and the stepping stones and strategies that you will use to help achieve them.

·      Show do be involved in regular weight training (2-3 times per week)

·      Able to run for at least 40min or bike for 90min or can demonstrate that they can do alternative cross-training activities 


The program is limited to 8-12 athletes who are selected for the program based on their application and interview.

Selection into the program will depend on the quality of the candidates applying to the program with preference given to those athletes who ranks the highest during on water time trail and RADAR starting from National Development, Talent Development, and down to Club Elite. 


Athletes should be prepared to show a training journal for the past year and be able to show the improvements that their commitment to training has brought. All interviews will take place via zoom.