Volunteer Bond

Support Junior rowers and VCRC.

Volunteer Bond

A volunteer bond in the form of a $100 postdated cheque is required as part of Junior registration for both the Spring and Summer programs. The volunteer bond is deposited only if you are not able to fulfill the volunteer requirement.  

**NEW for Summer 2019**

We can now take credit card or bank information in lieu of a paper cheque. The volunteer bond payment will be processed if you are not able to fulfill the volunteer requirement.

Volunteer Requirement

Each Junior member registered (or their parent, sibling, grandparent...) is required to volunteer for at least one shift at the Duelling Over a Grand Regatta (Spring season) or BC Championships Regatta (Summer season). If you are not able to volunteer, the  volunteer bond will be cashed. More information on volunteer shifts and how to sign up will be provided during the season. 


  • Parents are asked to volunteer for a minimum of one shift per athlete in their family.
  • Please contact the if you know in advance that you will be unable to volunteer on the regatta weekend. There are regatta jobs that can be done in advance of the regatta.
  • Umpiring at the regatta or being on the Regatta Committee count as volunteer shifts.

These regattas hosted by VCRC not only provide great racing experiences for athletes, but are an important source of revenue that supports club operations (coaching, equipment maintenance and purchase).

Regatta Committee

We are also looking for volunteers for the Regatta Organizing Committee for both regattas: 

  • Regatta Chair
  • Safety Co-ordinator
  • Site Co-ordinator
  • Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Concession Co-ordinator
  • Registration Co-ordinator
  • Results Co-ordinator

Please contact the r if you would like more information or are interested in being on the Regatta Committee.