Which group is best for me?

Not sure which group is the best fit for you? Think about why you row, what you want to get out of it, and what you are willing to commit to it. In all our programs, we focus on the joy of rowing, improving and working hard. What varies is how much you want to commit, and how hard you want to work.

What are your goals?  Are they performance and results oriented? Or are they more closely aligned with personal improvement, fitness and enjoying the camaraderie of training and racing. Do you want to race?

What are you willing to commit to achieve your goals? Do you have the time and desire to train 6 or more sessions/week? Or does rowing have to fit in around school, family and work priorities?



I row mostly for fun, health, fitness and to socialise with my friends. I am not really interested in racing (though might be convinced to race now and then) and want to row 2-3 times per week. 8-10 km is enough for me.


I enjoy working hard, want to improve technically and physically and race. I have other commitments (work, family, school etc)  and want the time to enjoy other activities. Racing provides a focus for training and I enjoy the camaraderie of regattas but I am not out to "beat the world". I want to row 4-6 times per week and 10-16 km is long enough (especially in the rain and dark).


I want to see how fast I can be if I commit to training hard. I want to perform well at regattas against my peers (OK, I like to win) and I love training hard. I do have a life outside rowing, but rowing is a big focus. I am willing to train 6 or more times a week. 16-20 km? Bring it on!

OK...I still don't know where I fit.

1) I used to be fast (and think I still am) but I don't want to/ am not able to commit to the Competitive Group training program.

2) I am fast for my age group and am  planning to race at FISA Masters, but my body won't handle training 6 times/wk or anything longer than 14 km.

3) I have been training with the Club Group but usually finish the pieces ahead, even when I start behind. I am not sure if I can keep up with the Competitive Group (though it would be cool to try). Even if I can, I don't have the time to row 18 km before work every day.

4) I have trained for so many years and am so skilled with such a great aerobic base, that I don't need to train 6 times per week or row more than 14 km in order to beat my age peers. 

Check with the Lead coach of the Club group or Director, Adult Rowing to see where you fit best.

Coming for 2019-2020: We will be defining clear standards for each training group to help you and the coaches figure the best fit for you, and ensure compatible training groups.