Active for Life Group

For Adults who row primarily for fitness, health and fun.

LTAD Stage: Active for Life

For Adults (19 and over) with rowing experience who  row for fitness, health and fun.  Members may race if they choose, but this is not their focus. Rowers who consider themselves "Active for Life" typically row 2-4 times/week, usually during the T/Th 8:30 am session. They are also welcome to come to the Club sessions and of course the Sunday Social Row. 

Boatings for T/Th sessions: coach will assist with boatings, encouraging combinations that may go well together, ensuring that all members get a chance to row, providing opportunities for set crews to train together and helping to welcome new members. (yes...this is a difficult juggling act!)

Recommended Prerequisite: Adult Introduction to Club Rowing ("Adult Novice") or equivalent.

If you have less experience (e.g., Community Corporate Challenge, Introduction to Rowing, or private lessons) please contact one of the coaches or the Club Manager to discuss the training group that will fit you best.


Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-10:30 am