Regatta Information

Please click here for a list of regattas.

Regatta entries

Regatta entries are made by a club volunteer. Please submit complete entries, including full fees, to VCRC by the club's deadline in order to be entered. Please contact the Director of Adult Rowing for more information on submitting entries. Membership fees do not include regatta entry fees.

Boat Allocation
Allocation of club boats for regattas is determined co-operatively by the Head coaches of the programs attending the Regatta. In most cases, you will be sharing boats with other club members (Juniors or Adults).

Trailer loading/unloading
Members attending regattas are expected to help with derigging, trailer loading and unloading, rerigging and boatwashing. Specific responsibilities for each crew/program for each regatta will be determined by the Head Coaches. Please ask them!

Regatta fees and expenses
Entry fees, trailering costs, and coach expenses and honoraria (for regattas away from Elk Lake) are not covered by member fees. Members will be charged a trailering fee that typically includes expenses for the trailer driver and coaches and coaches' honoraria. 

Only those registered as members with Rowing Canada Aviron may race in regattas.