Ages 19-80+, including U23, Seniors and Masters racing categories
  • General Information

    Welcome. Find information on membership types and fees, regatta information, and general program structure here.
    • Welcome

      Welcome to the VCRC community. Become a member for life.

      The Victoria City Rowing Club offers year-round rowing for adults of all ages, abilities, and goals. We have a diverse range of members from 19 to 80+ years old, training for local, provincial, national and international regattas, as well as for fitness, health and fun. The Adult program includes athletes in Learning to Train, Learning to Compete,Training to Compete, Competitive for Life and Active for Life stages of Rowing Canada Aviron's Athlete Development Pathway.

      VCRC recognizes that adults row for a wide variety of reasons and are often juggling work, academic and family commitments.  We offer a range of opportunities for you to get out and row with like-minded people.

      The VCRC coaches and members will help you find a training group that suits your goals, schedule and skill level, whether you are interested in rowing a few times a week for fitness and fun or training hard to race at a major regatta.  

      Whether you are a new rower, a graduate from the Junior program, a University, National Team or Junior alumnus returning to rowing after a few (or more !) years away, a long term member or a rower from another club there is a place for you to train and race as part of the VCRC community.

      VCRC has an Adult Rowing Committee  to help guide and support our Adult rowing programs. The committee provides feedback to coaches, organises social events and camps and takes suggestions from members. 



    • VCRC is a member-based club, with a membership year that runs from September 1-August 31. Rowers are welcome to join part way through the year, for a pro-rated fee (please contact the VCRC Club Manager).

      REGISTER NOW (click here to go to the RCA Web Registration site) 

      Need help or have questions? Please check the Registration Instructions on our website.

      2021-22 Fee Schedule now available.


      VCRC offers a number of membership categories:

       Adult Full member: for experienced rowers who are interested in rowing and being part of the VCRC community year round. 

      Adult Student member (term): for full time students  at a university or college who are U27.  15% fee discount. Terms start: September 1, January 1, May 1. Term fees are  not pro-rated.

      Adult Restricted member: for experienced rowers who do not want to participate in coached sessions. 

      Associate member: for nonrowing supporters of VCRC

      VCRC also offers the following special memberships: Honorary, National Team/National Development Centre.  Please contact the Club Manager for more information and eligibility for these special memberships.


      • Use of VCRC equipment*.
      • Coaching (Full and Student members). See training times and training groups for details.
      • Opportunity to race in regattas, as part of a crew or as an individual (entry fees and travel costs are not included in the membership fee).
      • Access to VRS boathouse, including ergs, lounge and showers.
      • Membership in Rowing Canada and Rowing BC
      • Eligibility to vote at AGM and run for VCRC Board.
      • Being part of a welcoming, vibrant rowing community!

      *members may take out VCRC equipment at unsupervised times if they have demonstrated understanding of VRS Safety rules and the ability to handle a boat competently and safety. Please contact a coach for more information or to be evaluated.

      Questions? Please contact the VCRC Club Manager or one of the coaches.

    • Please click here for a list of regattas.

      Regatta entries

      Regatta entries are made by a club volunteer. Please submit complete entries, including full fees, to VCRC by the club's deadline in order to be entered. Please contact the Director of Adult Rowing for more information on submitting entries. Membership fees do not include regatta entry fees.

      Boat Allocation
      Allocation of club boats for regattas is determined co-operatively by the Head coaches of the programs attending the Regatta. In most cases, you will be sharing boats with other club members (Juniors or Adults).

      Trailer loading/unloading
      Members attending regattas are expected to help with derigging, trailer loading and unloading, rerigging and boatwashing. Specific responsibilities for each crew/program for each regatta will be determined by the Head Coaches. Please ask them!

      Regatta fees and expenses
      Entry fees, trailering costs, and coach expenses and honoraria (for regattas away from Elk Lake) are not covered by member fees. Members will be charged a trailering fee that typically includes expenses for the trailer driver and coaches and coaches' honoraria. 

      Only those registered as members with Rowing Canada Aviron may race in regattas.  


    • VCRC has about 30 spaces available to members for storage of private 1xs. Racks are in high demand and there is usually a waiting list! You must be a member of VCRC to store your boat in the boathouse.

      Racks are allocated in October of each year, based on the number of logged rows in the previous year. The person with the most logged rows gets first choice of rack, and so on. Those on the waiting list and those with fewer than 10 rows are put into a lottery for any remaining racks.

      Please contact the for more information or to be added to the waiting list.

      VCRC does not have space to store kayaks, canoes or other boats, or boats for non-members.



  • Training Groups and Training Times

    VCRC supports a number of training groups. Check the detailed descriptions of each training group (below). Not sure which is the best fit? Please contact the Director of Adult Rowing to discuss the group that best fits your goals, skill and fitness level. The training groups are fluid, allowing athletes the flexibility to find the training environment that works for them.

      Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:45 am-7:15 am**

      Saturday 6:45 am (time trial)

      **These sessions switch to dryland (erg and circuit training) from early November-late February.

      Wednesday 7 am-8:30 am Tech session. Early November-late February only.

      Boatings for the Club Group are made up in advance by the coach, based on a sign up sheet. Crews who are racing together are encouraged to train together. The coach will also make up boatings of combinations that will go well together or to welcome new members.


      Monday-Friday, 5:30 am-7:30 am**

      Saturday 6:45 am (time trial)

      Afternoon sessions by arrangement with coach.

      **these sessions will switch to dryland sessions December 1-January 31.

      Most athletes will train in small boats. The coach may encourage certain combinations to train and race together.

      OPEN SESSIONS (for all members, focus is primarily on those who are Active for Life)

      Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 am-10:30 am

      Boatings are made up each day considering: requests, racing combinations, welcoming new members and trying out new combinations that may go well.

      Sunday Social Row 8 am-9:30 am

      Evening sessions:

      Evening  sessions: Offered T/Th 6:15 pm. These are onwater from about mid-March to mid-September and then switch to erg sessions once it is too dark to row in the evenings. Please contact the Director, Adult Rowing to confirm the training times and whether they are water or erg sessions. 

      Looking for intensive coaching for you or your crew? Please contact the Club Manager about private lessons.

    • Club Group

      For Adults (19 and over) who are interested in training to get fit , improve technically and race at local and regional regattas.

      LTAD stages: Competitive for Life and Active for Life

      The focus for the Club Group is on training consistently to get fitter and faster, compete and have fun. Do you like training with a goal in mind? Do you like to race for the love of racing? Do you like to socialise with your crewmates after training and racing?  Do you have a life and commitments outside rowing? You are a Club athlete!

      Club athletes are encouraged to compete at local and regional regattas, to provide focus for training and to enjoy the camaraderie that comes from shared stories and road trips!

       Attendance at all sessions is not mandatory, but consistent attendance will lead to faster improvement.  Boatings are put together by the coach based on a signup sheet. Crews who are preparing for regattas are encouraged to train together. The coach may also suggest combinations that will go well or in order to welcome new members.


       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:45 am-7:15 am, Saturday 6:45 am (time trial)

      Lead Coach Jane Gumley


      Winter Dryland (early November- late February):  When it gets too dark and nasty to row in the early morning, weekday Club sessions switch to a combination of ergometer and circuit training.  Please contact the Director of Adult Rowing or check the Members Only page for updates and details on Winter dryland training.


    • Active for Life Group

      For Adults who row primarily for fitness, health and fun.

      LTAD Stage: Active for Life

      For Adults (19 and over) with rowing experience who  row for fitness, health and fun.  Members may race if they choose, but this is not their focus. Rowers who consider themselves "Active for Life" typically row 2-4 times/week, usually during the T/Th 8:30 am session. They are also welcome to come to the Club sessions and of course the Sunday Social Row. 

      Boatings for T/Th sessions: coach will assist with boatings, encouraging combinations that may go well together, ensuring that all members get a chance to row, providing opportunities for set crews to train together and helping to welcome new members. (yes...this is a difficult juggling act!)

      Recommended Prerequisite: Adult Introduction to Club Rowing ("Adult Novice") or equivalent.

      If you have less experience (e.g., Community Corporate Challenge, Introduction to Rowing, or private lessons) please contact one of the coaches or the Club Manager to discuss the training group that will fit you best.


      Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-10:30 am



    • Competitive Group

      For Adults who are looking to push themselves in order to compete successfully at national and international regattas.

      LTAD Stage: Learning to Compete, Training to Compete, Competitive for Life

      For Adults (19 and over) who are looking to challenge themselves with a  higher volume and intensity of training in order to compete successfully at provincial, national and international regattas in U23, Senior or Masters categories. Enjoy the fun of training hard with boats of similar speed in a competitive training environment.  


      Monday to Friday, 5:45 am-7:30 am

      Saturday 6:45 am Time trial

      Additional (afternoon) sessions: please contact the Director of Adult Rowing to find out more.

      Lead Coach: Isolda Penney 

    • High Performance Athletes

      For athletes training for National Team selection and/or competing for VCRC in major international regattas.

      VCRC offers excellent year round training (on the water) and experienced coaching for those athletes with high performance goals.

      Please contact the Director of Adult Rowing to find out more and discuss your goals.

  • Not sure which group is the best fit for you? Think about why you row, what you want to get out of it, and what you are willing to commit to it. In all our programs, we focus on the joy of rowing, improving and working hard. What varies is how much you want to commit, and how hard you want to work.

    What are your goals?  Are they performance and results oriented? Or are they more closely aligned with personal improvement, fitness and enjoying the camaraderie of training and racing. Do you want to race?

    What are you willing to commit to achieve your goals? Do you have the time and desire to train 6 or more sessions/week? Or does rowing have to fit in around school, family and work priorities?



    I row mostly for fun, health, fitness and to socialise with my friends. I am not really interested in racing (though might be convinced to race now and then) and want to row 2-3 times per week. 8-10 km is enough for me.


    I enjoy working hard, want to improve technically and physically and race. I have other commitments (work, family, school etc)  and want the time to enjoy other activities. Racing provides a focus for training and I enjoy the camaraderie of regattas but I am not out to "beat the world". I want to row 4-6 times per week and 10-16 km is long enough (especially in the rain and dark).


    I want to see how fast I can be if I commit to training hard. I want to perform well at regattas against my peers (OK, I like to win) and I love training hard. I do have a life outside rowing, but rowing is a big focus. I am willing to train 6 or more times a week. 16-20 km? Bring it on!

    OK...I still don't know where I fit.

    1) I used to be fast (and think I still am) but I don't want to/ am not able to commit to the Competitive Group training program.

    2) I am fast for my age group and am  planning to race at FISA Masters, but my body won't handle training 6 times/wk or anything longer than 14 km.

    3) I have been training with the Club Group but usually finish the pieces ahead, even when I start behind. I am not sure if I can keep up with the Competitive Group (though it would be cool to try). Even if I can, I don't have the time to row 18 km before work every day.

    4) I have trained for so many years and am so skilled with such a great aerobic base, that I don't need to train 6 times per week or row more than 14 km in order to beat my age peers. 

    Check with the Lead coach of the Club group or Director, Adult Rowing to see where you fit best.

    Coming for 2019-2020: We will be defining clear standards for each training group to help you and the coaches figure the best fit for you, and ensure compatible training groups.