The Program

The KidSport Rowing Challenge starts April 15th and is a 7 week fundraising program full of teamwork, fitness, and fun! Crews row twice a week, coached by their own coach (provided by VCRC) and conclude with racing in the City Championships Regatta at Elk Lake on June 1st. VCRC is proud to donate a portion of the fee to KidSport Victoria and we encourage crews to add to this with their own fundraising.

"Novice" crews  will learn the basics of the sport of rowing and "experienced" crews will build on already existing experience. Learn the basic movements, safety, boathandling and teamwork.

The program will prepare you and your crew for a skills event that includes balancing, steering and turning the boat and a timed distance event over 500m.

No rowing experience is required to participate in the KidSport Rowing Challenge. We encourage boats to have a gender balance, but are flexible with this rule. A novice crew must have 75% of the members  being new to the sport. No limit to an experienced crew.

We recommend having one or two spare rowers to train when there is an absence.

This program introduces you to an new sport, a vibrant community and gives you a great  experience, while supporting KidSport to give more children access to sport.

You will have the possibility of continuing to row in one of the VCRC Adult programs.