1.. Early Bird deadline March 15, midnight. Save $10/seat off normal fee!

2. At the discretion of the LOC, some races for events with large entries may be run on Friday. In scheduling Friday races, we will try to minimize the impact on out-of-town competitors.

3. Entries will be capped at 16 for all events except the Open M and Open W 1x.   Junior entries will be capped at 4 entries/club/event, with the rest going on waitlist.

4.  We are offering separate U17 and U19 2x events. If there are not enough entries, the events will be combined.

5. Charity Dash for Cash Mixed 8+

This year we are offering a mixed 8+ event (4 men, 4 women) as the last races on Saturday, 4 boats per race. The winning 8+ has the chance to donate the total of the entry fees collected for this event to the charity of their choice.
VCRC can provide boats and coxswains. Email to confirm your boat and/or coxswains by Friday, April 3rd. 
Please enter at the Registration desk on Saturday.
Composite crews are encouraged! Note: in the event of regatta delays, this event may be cancelled. Entry  fee: by donation, suggested minimum donation $10/seat ($80/boat)

6. Bow marker deposits: will not be collected as part of the entry fee. If do not turn in your bow marker by the end of the regatta, you will be charged $20 (per lost bow marker).

7. Results will be posted on RegattaMaster and to Twitter. They will also be posted using a "graphical tree" format on site (hard copy).

8.  For the premiere events (Open M and W 1x, Mixed Masters 2x) there will now be more time between the final race of the Second Chance tree and the Championship Final.

9. Draw and progression have been refined to reduce the chances of the same crews meeting again (in the second chance tree).

10. Masters Handicap (Garrett-Zezza system) has been updated. It should be ``more fair` for those U50.