Scratches on site: for scratches during the regatta, please go to the Registration/Volunteer tent and complete a scratch form (must include crew name and bow marker). This is critical

Any no shows or scratches  will be assessed a $50 scratch fee that will be added to your invoice in RegattaCentral. The LOC may waive the scratch fee at their  discretion  (e.g., if the scratch is made for medical or compassionate reasons).

Dash 8+: 500m. Register at the Registration tent on Saturday

Coaches/Bow person meeting: Saturday 6:30 am Spracklen room

Regatta Packages  may be picked up from the Registration Table Friday 4-6 pm and  one hour before the posted time for the first race. Please have only one person per club come to pick up the registration package. The package will include  bow markers for all your club's entries. Bow markers must be on your boat when you come through Control Commission.


Byes: crews that have a "bye" do not row down the course for that round.

Row-overs: if you competitor does now show up on the start line you are required to row down the course and across the finish line at a pace that does not impede the following race.