Race course

Race course: 1000m long.

Start line: Hamsterly Beach, using stationary floating platforms (held start).

Finish line:  west side of the docks.

Two lanes are divided by a centre line of buoys, spaced 20m apart. Each lane also has an outside line of buoys.

Distance markers every 250m (outside lanes 1 and 2). Orange buoys at start and finish.

Launch: highway side dock.  

Land: on  highway side of the lake side dock. To avoid interfering with the finish line and results officials, please do not dock on the lake side (west side) of the lake side dock. 

Please keep clear of the finish line platform on the west side of the lakeside dock.

On land  ONE WAY traffic pattern:

Launching: please carry boats to Control Commission and the launching dock via the fire lane on the east (highway) side of the boathouse.

Landing: please walk boats through the compound on the west (lake) side of the boathouse..