Entry Fees

Fees include GST.  The RCA and RBC seat fees ($3.50 and $3.25, respectively)  will be automatically added to your invoice by RegattaCentral.

1x:              $35

2x/2-:         $60

4x/4-/4+:   $110

8+:              $140

Special Event Fees  Family 2x and Dynasty 4x     $15/seat 

Late Entry Fee (for entries submitted after the entry deadline): double the regular fee 

  • Late entries will be accepted up until noon on Monday, July 9 providing there is lane space available.
Scratch Fee: $30 per boat (after the entry deadline).

Scratch fees are assessed out of respect for athletes whose races are affected by scratches and reflect the effort involved in creating the draw.

Scratch fees are assessed at the discretion of the Registrar and typically will not be assessed if the scratch is necessary because of a scheduling conflict created by elimination of events or placement of heats.