BC Championships + Challenge West

July 10-12 2020 CANCELLED
Out of concern for the health and safety of volunteers and athletes, and in line with BC public health orders limiting gatherings to fewer than 50 people, VCRC has decided to cancel Challenge West/BC Championships Regatta for 2020. Stay safe and we will see you in 2021.

Welcome to the BC Championships + Challenge West Regatta. VCRC’s goal is to run an athlete-centered regatta that provides Junior, Senior and Masters athletes with good racing opportunities in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The Regatta Committee and Umpires work together to ensure that decisions are made on the basis of fairness and safety, asking always: “What is in the best interest of athletes?”.
  • Registration

    Registration information, deadlines, fees
    • May 27                              Registration Opens
      July 2 Noon (PDT)           Entry Deadline. *Scratch fees and late fees apply after this date
      July 5                                 Preliminary Regatta Schedule posted
      July 9 Noon (PDT)           Deadline for late entries ($30/entry premium applies).                                                                                *Provided lane space is available.
      July 11                               Updated Regatta Schedule and Draw Posted 
      July 12 9 am                     Payment deadline
    • Entry Fees

      Fees include GST.  The RCA and RBC seat fees ($3.50 and $3.25, respectively)  will be automatically added to your invoice by RegattaCentral.

      1x:              $35

      2x/2-:         $60

      4x/4-/4+:   $110

      8+:              $140

      Special Event Fees  Family 2x and Dynasty 4x     $15/seat 

      Late Entry Fee (for entries submitted after the entry deadline): double the regular fee 

      • Late entries will be accepted up until noon on Monday, July 9 providing there is lane space available.
      Scratch Fee: $30 per boat (after the entry deadline).

      Scratch fees are assessed out of respect for athletes whose races are affected by scratches and reflect the effort involved in creating the draw.

      Scratch fees are assessed at the discretion of the Registrar and typically will not be assessed if the scratch is necessary because of a scheduling conflict created by elimination of events or placement of heats.



    • The course will be officially open for training:
      We anticipate that the course will be available for training starting Thursday morning
      Coaches are asked to provide safety boat coverage. 
      • 7am until 1 hour before the first race. Coaches are asked to provide safety boat coverage.
      • for 1 hour after the last scheduled race.
      • for one hour after the last scheduled race.
      The course will not be open for training on Saturday or Sunday morning before the Time Trial.
      Safety Boat coverage during training times
      To minimize wake and ensure safety, safety boats are asked to use lanes 3 and 4 only and to putter at low speed. Remember: you are acting as a safety boat for all crews on the water.
      Please contact Brenda Taylor () to arrange a safety boat.
    • Course Map - Training [PDF] - 621KB

    • Course Map - Racing [PDF] - 638KB

    • BC Championships/Challenge West Regatta is hosted by Victoria City Rowing Club out of the Victoria Rowing Society boathouse on Elk Lake, Victoria, BC. 

      The boathouse is located in the Elk Beaver Lake Regional Park at Eagle Beach..

      Parking: available on site at Eagle Beach, as well as at Jennings Lane (5 minute walk) and Hamsterly Beach (1 km walk along a trail). 

      FOOD:  VCRC is celebrated for the delicious and nutritious food served at our concession- thanks to the Junior Parents. Menu items usually include breakfast sandwiches, yogurt/granola parfaits, Mac and Cheese, Asian noodle stirfry "boxes",  and of course coffee, cold drinks and yummy baked goodies. 

      First Aid: on site

      Toilets: please use the portable toilets or the Parks toilets conveniently located near the trailers. Please limit use of boathouse toilets (we are on a septic system).

      Water: Victoria has great drinking water! Please bring a refillable water bottle.

      Wifi: public wifi available on site.


      View the VCRC promotional video to check out the course and surroundings. 

    • The race course is 1850m long, with the start line at the northwest end of Elk Lake and the finish line at Eagle Beach, between the boathouse and the Pat Bay Highway.

      Course markings 

      • an Albano course with 4 lines of buoys, creating 6 lanes each with a line of buoys on one side.
      • 500m, 1000m, and 1500m are marked with large yellow inflatable cubes (1m) (outside the course). The distance markers are placed so that the 2nd 500m is short (350m).
      •  250, 750, 1250m are marked with round orange buoys (outside the course).

      Start line: Each lane has a boatholding platform, allowing for held starts.


  • Sponsors and Partners

    Thank you to the organisations and individuals who support BC Championships_Challenge West Regatta
    • Peninsula Co-op

      Thank you to Peninsula Co-op for providing the spectator tent for BC Championships-Challenge West Regatta
    • Hudson Boatworks

      For providing the awesome 1st place medals for Challenge West events. Send us feedback on the "fingersaver" ! (and idea for a cool name for a cool tool)
    • AND ALL THE 200+ volunteers!

      VCRC Juniors, Masters, Seniors, Coaches, parents, new members and "old" members, UVIC athletes and coaches, coaches who helped with the time trial (from UBC, UVIC, BLRC and RCA), and Team BC coaches. THANK YOU ALL
  • 1. Coxswain weighins are now required and will follow Rowing Canada Rules of Racing. Coxswain weigh in will be open 2.5 hours before and close one hour before the first coxed event of each day. Weighin times will be posted once the schedule is posted.
    2. Semi-finals for time trial events: For groups with more than 12 entries, the top 12 boats in each time trial will progress to 2 semi-finals and thus to Finals A and B. The other boats will progress to Finals C,D, E etc. (The Organizing Committee reserves the right to eliminate semi-finals for time trial groups with fewer than 18 entries.)
    3.Time Trial seeding: Review panel: The first 16 boats in the time trial will be seeded, with the remainder seeded by random draw. Please enter a seeding time (2k water time) in the space provided on the entry form. This is important!  We understand that not all crews will have an accurate 2k water time- please provide your best estimate. The seeding will be reviewed by a seeding review panel to correct any obvious misseedings and to ensure fair racing for all. The decision of the seeding review panel is final.
    4. Fees: In 2018, we moved to a fee per event rather than a flat fee for the whole regatta. The event fee includes GST.  The RBC and RCA seat fees ($3.50 and $3.25/person/event) will be added to your invoice by RegattaCentral.

    5. Masters racing:

    Why are the Masters races spread out over 3 days, instead of in a block on one day?

    To allow Masters to race multiple events. The Mixed events are held on Friday so they don't conflict with either the Masters Mens or Masters Womens events. 

    Why are people allowed to race in both Masters and Open events?

    To provide more race opportunities for Masters athletes, particularly those who want to challenge themselves by racing against Senior athletes. (It is very unusual for Senior athletes to choose to race in Masters events.)

    Why don't you offer more Masters events?

    We have offered other events in the past (e.g, 4+, 4- and 8+) but did not get enough entries to run them. Masters are welcome to race in the Open events.

  • Regatta Package [PDF] - 1019KB

    2019 regatta package now posted.
  • Time Trial Instructions [PDF] - 25KB

    To ensure fair and safe racing, please read the time trial instructions.
  • 2018 Race Schedule [PDF] - 359KB

  • Questions? Please email