Check here for weekly updates.

June 4 VCRC open for private 1xs.

June 8 VCRC open for club 1xs (Juniors and Adults). 

Updates for Wk 2 (June 15-22)

Great to see people smiling and happy to be back on the water (despite some nasty weather). Some minor adjustments made to cleaning protocols, and schedules- please check the Message Board or Slack for details.

June 15 RCA athletes return to rowing (using lakeside dock)

June 17 HUB athletes return to rowing (using lakeside dock).

August 3: UVIC, RCA, HUB and VCRC are all actively rowing. Rowing is permitted in 1xs and 2x/2-s (set partners). 

 VCRC is accepting new members with experience, space and boat availability permitting