COVID-19 Updates


    Check here for updates. For members, updates will also be posted on the VCRC Message Board and Slack.

      Check here for weekly updates.

      June 4 VCRC open for private 1xs.

      June 8 VCRC open for club 1xs (Juniors and Adults). 

      Updates for Wk 2 (June 15-22)

      Great to see people smiling and happy to be back on the water (despite some nasty weather). Some minor adjustments made to cleaning protocols, and schedules- please check the Message Board or Slack for details.

      June 15 RCA athletes return to rowing (using lakeside dock)

      June 17 HUB athletes return to rowing (using lakeside dock).

      August 3: UVIC, RCA, HUB and VCRC are all actively rowing. Rowing is permitted in 1xs and 2x/2-s (set partners). 

      October 5: VCRC is officially sanctioned to run "Training Groups". See updated COVID-19 Safety Plan for details.

       VCRC is accepting new members with experience, space and boat availability permitting

  • VCRC COVID-19 Safety Plan SUMMARY [PDF] - 250KB

    A shorter version of the plan, with just the key points, for easier reference. Updated May 26, 2021
  • VCRC is implementing the following as part of its COVID-19 Safety Plan, effective December 10, 2020:
    Travel off Vancouver Island: if you travel off Vancouver Island (ie outside of the Island Health region), please stay away from the boathouse for 14 days after your return. This includes travel to other provinces and to other regions within BC.
    Visitors: if you have visitors from off Vancouver Island, please stay away from the boathouse for 14 days, from the date of their arrival.
    These requirements are consistent with those of our boathouse partners (UVIC and RCA) and with the strong recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer against non-essential travel:
    “British Columbians have been advised to avoid travel within the province or outside of the province at this time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is requested that you do not travel to other regions unless it is essential.”
    Check here for more guidance on travel, including essential vs nonessential travel.
    More information
    VCRC realizes this is frustrating and upsetting, particularly if you have already made plans. On the positive side though, it isn’t the end of the world to not row for 2 weeks.
  • December 4 Restrictions [PPTX] - 1421KB

    information posted on Slack and MB. Slides from Dec 6 meeting are here.
  • VCRC COVID 19 Safety Plan Updated July 2021 [PDF] - 488KB

    Updated July 8th, 2021
  • VCRC COvid 19 Safety Plan Phase 3 Junior Acknowledgemen [PDF] - 55KB

    VCRC members who wish to row as part of a Training Group are required to attend an information session. If you were unable to attend the live session, it is recorded here ( Please fill out the google form ( to confirm that you have watched it.Juniors: Parents are also required to sign the Phase 3 Training Group Acknowledgement form listing the members of your Training Group. Please send the completed form to
  • The following rowing activities are currently sanctioned by RCA:

    • 1.  experienced rowers in 1X 
      2. experienced rowers in 2X and pairs (2-)-Individuals rowing in 2X and 2- should consistently row with the same partner who would then be considered as part of their respective “node/bubble”.
      3. programming for individuals new to rowing in 1X* or in 2x with an experienced rower from the same household.

     VCRC is accepting new members with experience, space and boat availability permitting

  • Update to VCRC and VRS Safety Plan:

    If you have travelled out of BC (but within Canada) in the past 14 days, you are welcome to return to rowing, but please be particularly diligent in following the protocols for equipment cleaning, personal hygiene and self-monitoring, and consider keeping your networks small for 14 days in order to facilitate contact tracing in the event that you develop COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Junior Checklist and Assumption of Risk [DOCX] - 30KB

    - with any Adult-specific references deleted and the RCA Assumption of Risk form pasted at the end.
  • My-Fleet instructions [PDF] - 2138KB

    Instructions for using the VCRC online boat reservation system. For COACHED rows, coaches will be making the reservations; athletes can view only.
  • Return to Rowing powerpoint [PPTX] - 3452KB

    Slides from the webinar
  • COVID-19 Information [PDF] - 601KB

    Symptoms, transmission routes, practices to reduce transmission, sources of information