Our Values

Community; Excellence; Development; Rower-Centred; Civility, Respect and Integrity; Trust; Safety.


  • We are a community in which every individual is welcomed, respected and supported.
  • We support other members of the rowing community.
  • We make positive contributions to the communities in which we live and work.
  • We value the unique culture of our club and celebrate our achievements.


  • We are committed to doing our best in all we do.


  • We promote health and wellness.
  • We are committed to the ongoing development of athletes, coaches and citizens.


  • We put rowers at the centre of our decisions.

Civility, Respect and Integrity:

  • We behave with respect, civility and integrity in all we do.
  • We are accountable for our actions and demonstrate integrity in all our relationships and decisions.


  • We promote trust amongst athletes, coaches, volunteers and staff and between VCRC and the commuity.


  • Safety is a primary concern in all we do.