Victoria City Rowing Club (VCRC) is a not-for-profit, member-driven rowing club operating out of the Victoria Rowing Society (VRS) boathouse on Elk Lake in Victoria, BC. We offer introductory, recreational, and competitive rowing programs for athletes of all ages (12-80+ yrs) and skill levels.
  • Governance

    VCRC is a registered not-for-profit society run by a Board of Directors elected by members.

    Board of Directors

    VCRC is run by a Board of Directors, elected by club members. The Board of Directors leads the club towards achieving the Club’s Vision and Mission, providing direction to VCRC staff who are responsible for day-to-day operations. The Board meets monthly and minutes are available to members.


    VCRC employs or contracts a Club Manager, Programs Coordinator,  Junior Head Coach and 2 Adult Head Coaches. VCRC also contracts 10-15 coaches who work with the Head Coaches and Program Co-ordinator .

    We are also fortunate to have the services of an expert Boatman. 


    The VCRC constitution defines 4 classes of membership: Junior (individuals under 18 yrs), Senior (individuals over 18 yrs), Non-Rowing and Honorary. All members except Juniors may vote at the AGM (held in November) and be nominated to the Board of Directors.

    The membership year runs from October 1-September 30, (except for Student Term programs), though members may join anytime during the year for a prorated fee.


    Being a member of VCRC means a lot more than just rowing. We are a rowing community who support each other and the club. As with many things in life, the more you put into the club, the more you will get out. Members support the club by:

    • working on equipment and boathouse maintenance,
    • organising and helping with regattas hosted by VCRC.
    • organising social functions
    • fundraising
    • and much more...

    Do you have a skill or idea you would like to contribute? Please contact the Club Manager or a Board member.



  • Our Vision

    A community that fosters a love of rowing and provides opportunities for all participants to strive for their personal and collective goals.
  • Our Mission

    To excel in providing high quality rowing opportunities for all members and to foster athlete, coach and citizen development.
  • Our Values

    Community; Excellence; Development; Rower-Centred; Civility, Respect and Integrity; Trust; Safety.


    • We are a community in which every individual is welcomed, respected and supported.
    • We support other members of the rowing community.
    • We make positive contributions to the communities in which we live and work.
    • We value the unique culture of our club and celebrate our achievements.


    • We are committed to doing our best in all we do.


    • We promote health and wellness.
    • We are committed to the ongoing development of athletes, coaches and citizens.


    • We put rowers at the centre of our decisions.

    Civility, Respect and Integrity:

    • We behave with respect, civility and integrity in all we do.
    • We are accountable for our actions and demonstrate integrity in all our relationships and decisions.


    • We promote trust amongst athletes, coaches, volunteers and staff and between VCRC and the commuity.


    • Safety is a primary concern in all we do.