During the COVID-19 self-isolation period there will be a number of challenges and virtual sessions you can participate in. You can find an overview of the Challenges below.
    • Logistics:

      • This challenge is 1 week long (starting on Apr 6 and ending at midnight on Apr 12th)

      • There will be teams of 4-5 people and they will be mixed up from all groups (masters, jr’s, comp, novice, coaches)

      • The challenge is based off minutes of working out.  Minutes are not all equal, here is how they will be calculated:

        - run/erg/circuit/weights/brisk walking/yoga = 1min = 1min

      - cycling/gardening = 2min = 1min

      • workouts can be: running, erging, biking, brisk walking, gardening (this is difficult…) and yoga

      • there will be 1 team leader in each group (nominated by me) that will be in charge of collecting minutes for the team makes and sending the TOTAL for each day to 

      • each team must provide 5 photos and/or videos of them doing the challenge to 

      • teams are also encouraged to use the tag #VCRCchallenge on instagram and facebook

      • Sign-up deadline for the first week is Sunday April 5th at 10am

      • Teams will stay the same for an month

      • If people miss the boat on signing up right away they can join in the next week and will be added into the group in last place.

      • There will be add-ons to the challenge every week for a month so stay tuned!

      • Teams will be re-drawn after a month.


      • winning team gets recognized on social media and wins the flashlight lanyard

      • 1 winner from the winning team gets a personalized training program from me. That winner will be decided by random.

      Here is the google doc: 2

      Good Luck, and I’ll see you all on the sign up sheet!


    • Andra Tutto Bene Challenge [PDF] - 700KB

      You share your best workout stories on slack on the #share-workout channel or on instagram and tag VictoriaCItyRC and every week we award the most impressive story with some free gear (see samples above).