Duelling Over a Grand

April 1-2, 2017
    • Duelling Over Grand is a double elimination knockout format. Two crews race head to head with the winner advancing to the next round via the "undefeated" tree".  Once a crew loses a race, they go into the "second chance tree" and progress through until they either lose a second race (and are knocked out of the tournament) or win all their races and advance to the Sunday Championship Final. 

      The winner of the "undefeated tree" and the winner of the "second chance tree" meet in the  Championship Final, held on Sunday.

      The "undefeated tree" races (labelled "A") are held on Saturday; the "second chance tree" races (labelled "B") are held on Sunday. 

      Each crew is guaranteed 2 races and may race as many as 6 times (depending on the number of entries).

      BYES: Because of the nature of the dual format tree, some crews may get a "bye" in an early round. Crews that have a bye do not row down the course for that round of racing. 

      NO SHOWS: if your competitor does not show up at the start line, you are awarded a win but you are required to row down the course and across the finish line at a pace that does not impede the following racers.

      For the DOG regatta 2017 we switched to Regatta Master (RM) to better manage the regatta and races. This allows us to address the following deficiencies of the old system:
      1) In the old system it was common that a crew had to race the same opponent in the 2nd chance tree that they lost to in the undefeated tree. With the new system, you will be less likely to race the same people.
      2) The old system assigned the initial spots based on a "sort by club name" therefore same clubs regularly raced each other in different events. The new system uses a computer-based random algorithm to allocate crews to the initial spots in the progression tree. The new system is capable of seeding for championship events.
      3) The old system did not support new boat classes.
      4) The old system did not have scheduling flexibility. The new system provides this flexibility. More rest is scheduled in between progression levels of events with the greatest number of entries and before the championship finals.
    • This year we got rid of the horrible spreadsheets (for registration and results) and transferred everything to RegattaMaster. This means results and schedules will be available on RegattaMaster and RegattaCentral AND on Twitter. Hard copies will also be posted at the regatta site. 

      "A" indicates a race in the undefeated tree; "B" indicates a race in the second chance tree.

      For details on how the progression works, please check out the progression diagrams here
  • Regatta Information

    All the really important stuff! List of events, regatta package, handicap tables (Masters events) etc. The Registration Form is posted below.
    • Regatta Food!

      Plan to enjoy the delicious, nutritious food served at the regatta. Great food at reasonable prices - and you support VCRC. Check out the menu (below).
      Saturday :    
      Hash brown, egg and sausage casserole
      Breakfast wraps (non meat version)
      Fruit and yogurt parfaits
      Mac and Cheese 
      Adult Mac and Cheese 
      Warm Farro Salad (with veggies and feta)
      Veggie Wraps
      Chicken Wraps
      Hearty Soup and Bun 
      French Toast Blueberry Bake with Maple Syrup
      Breakfast Wraps
      Fruit and yogurt Parfaits
      Butter chicken with veggies and rice
      Hearty Soup and Bun
      Veggie Wraps
      Chicken Wraps
      Snacks: Oat Bars, Muffins, Fruit, Crepes
      Drinks: hot chocolate, coffee, a variety of teas, bottled water and gatorade.  
    • 1 DOG is now using RegattaCentral (for registration) and RegattaMaster (for results). No more spreadsheets!

      2. Results will be posted on RegattaMaster and to Twitter. They will also be posted using a "graphical tree" format on site (hard copy).

      3.  For the premiere events (Open M and W 1x, Mixed Masters 2x) there will now be more time between the final race of the Second Chance tree and the Championship Final.

      4. Draw and progression have been refined to reduce the chances of the same crews meeting again (in the second chance tree).

      5. Masters Handicap (Garrett-Zezza system) has been updated. It should be ``more fair` for those U50.


      Coaches/Bow person meeting: Saturday 6 am on the tarmac.

      Cold water Rule will be in effect: if you flip in the warmup area or during the race, you will not be allowed to continue that race and will be awarded a "loss" for that race.

      Regatta Packages  may be picked up from the Registration Table Friday 4-6 pm and  Saturday 6-7 am. Please have only one person per club come to pick up the registration package. The package will include  bow markers for all your club's entries. Bow markers must be on your boat when you come through Control Commission.


      Byes: crews that have a "bye" do not row down the course for that round.

      Row-overs: if you competitor does now show up on the start line you are required to row down the course and across the finish line at a pace that does not impede the following race.

    • Regatta Package [PDF] - 96KB

      Now posted!
    • Competitors may enter in ONE event only, due to the tournament style format.

      Women and Men

      Jr (U19)1x      Championship event -  custom Rowwest jacket awarded to winner

      Jr (U19) 2x   We encourage Jr Bs (U17) to enter this event as well!

      Jr A (U19) 4x

      Jr B (U17) 4x  

      Jr C (U15) 4x+

      Open 1x   Championship event - $1000 cash prize awarded to winner,  $250 for 2nd place

      Open 4+


      Open 2x

      Masters 2x    Championship event - custom Rowwest jacket awarded to winners

      Masters 4x

      A minimum of 4 boats is required to run an event. Crews entered in events that do not meet the 4 boat minimum will be given the opportunity to move into a different event. The regatta may replace one event with another boat class in the same age group (e.g., replace Jr C 4x+ with Jr C 2x, or Open 4+ with Open 2-) to provide more meaningful competition. Coaches will be consulted before any changes are made.

      Please check out the regatta package for more information.

    • Masters Racing [XLSX] - 36KB

      The Garrett-Zezza handicap system will be applied in all Masters events, with prizes awarded based on adjusted times. For each race, calculate the difference between your handicap and your competitor's handicap. NEWSFLASH! The tables have been updated for 2017.
    • The course will be open for training for one hour after the last scheduled race on Saturday or until posted sunset, whichever is earlier. The course is not open for training before racing on Saturday or Sunday.

      The course is not officially open for training on Friday. Visiting crews who wish to train on Friday are asked to contact the VCRC Club Manager (clubadmin@vcrc.bc.ca).

    • April 1-2, 2017

      Tentative races times:    Saturday 7 am - 6:30 pm  Sunday 7 am - 4:30 pm    

      Entry deadline                  midnight, March 22

      Fee payment                    midnight, March 22

      Late entries accepted until    12 noon, March 29

      Scratches (no fee)            12 noon March 27

      Scratches made after 12 noon, March 27 will forfeit their entry fee and be charged a $20 penalty.

      Preliminary Draw              March 26

      Bow/coxswains meeting  one hour before first scheduled race on Saturday

    • Entry Fees

                                                            4X          4+         2X          1X
       Boat Fee (includes GST)          $68        $68       $40        $30
       Rowing BC Fee ($8/athlete)    $32        $40       $16        $8
       Bow marker deposit                 $10        $10       $10        $10
       Total per boat                            $110      $118    $66        $48
      Fees are due by the entry deadline (midnight, March 22). and may be paid online. Please email if you are not able to pay online.
      Scratch Fee
      Before noon:  March 27  No fee
      After noon March 27: Forfeit entry fee +$20 penalty fee
      Late Entry Fee
      Late entries will be charged a $20 late fee in addition to the regular entry fee.
      Please pay fees online at RegattaCentral

      Please contact if you are not able to pay online.
    • Please direct all questions about registration, late entries, payment, scratches etc to the Registration co-ordinator:

    • Race course: 1000m long.

      Start line: Hamsterly Beach, using stationary floating platforms (held start).

      Finish line:  west side of the docks.

      Two lanes are divided by a centre line of buoys, spaced 20m apart.

      Distance markers every 250m (outside lanes 1 and 2). Orange buoys at start and finish.

      Launch: highway side dock.  

      Land: on  highway side of the lake side dock. To avoid interfering with the finish line and results officials, please do not dock on the lake side (west side) of the lake side dock. 

      Please keep clear of the finish line platform on the west side of the lakeside dock.

      On land  ONE WAY traffic pattern:

      Launching: please carry boats to Control Commission and the launching dock via the fire lane on the east side of the boathouse.

      Landing: please walk boats through the compound on the west side of the boathouse..


  • Thank you to all athletes, coaches, umpires and volunteers!

    Over 265 races, 22+ hours of racing every 5 minutes, 139 entries and 334 athletes! Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, umpires and volunteers for pulling this off, providing some exciting racing and keeping things on schedule! See you next year.
    The Board of Victoria City Rowing Club would like to thank all those volunteers who made the Duelling over a Grand 2017 a huge success. It was a great competition, well organized, fun and a good opportunity for all the partners at the boathouse to work and play together. 
    A special thanks to Greg Sedun as Regatta Chair, and his local organizing committee (LOC) of Ken Kozel on tech support with Rene Gonin and Teresa Taylor; Andrea Bradshaw on Registration; Gregor MacIntosh, Rob Carnduff and Nevin Pettyjohn with their safety boat and umpire drivers.; Katherine McCulloch and Crystal Edey in the concession with their crew;Carl Molholm and John Garrett on course installation and helpers; Case deboef and Andrew Lamb on site co-ordination; and Patricia Wall as volunteer coordinator. It is a labour intensive event.
     A special thanks to Steve Jensen of RegattaMaster for assisting with setting up the program to use Regatta Master for DOG and future events.
     To Brian Williams and his umpires for their long hours and efficiency by running on time.
    To the coaches and athletes who participated and made it all worthwhile.
  • Schedule and Results

    The schedule is posted on RegattaMaster and RegattaCentral.

    Link to Schedule and Results

    On RegattaCentral https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/results.jsp?job_id=5128&org_id=0

    On RegattaMaster MOBILE http://regattamaster.com/mobile/#vwRegattas?root=true

    RegattaMaster DOG home page  http://online.regattamaster.com/Pages/Regatta.aspx?regattaID=1246

    In Regattamaster, you can can watch races in progress or see the results after each race is done under Results by Schedule.

  • Silent Auction

    Visit the Volunteer tent to bid on a trophy blade donated by Concept II and one-of-a-kind VCRC hockey jersey, designed and donated by Rowwest. Proceeds will support the VCRC Junior Program and VCRC Equipment Fund.
  • Driving an umpire or safety boat is one of the best ways to watch racing - and we always needs drivers! Safety Co-ordinators Rob Carnduff and Gregor MacIntosh are happy to provide one-on-one training any weekday evening or weekend. Learn how to operate and maneuver a boat and perform rescues.  

    Please contact Rob  or Gregor 

  • Boat Rental

    VCRC is facilitating boat sharing between clubs.

    Are you looking for boats? Do you have boats available?

    Please click here  to provide information and to check up on what's available. Please contact each other directly to make arrangements.

Regattas + Events
  • VCRC High Performance Training Group
    VCRC is creating training opportunities for high performance/elite rowers training towards National Team selection and racing in international regattas. Please contact Isolda Penney (vcrcadults@gmail.com) for more information.
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